Sunday, June 21, 2009


This is my first blog so be patient as I learn all the rules, steps and so forth. I decided, after reading other Guide Dogs for the Blind blogs, I might want my own. We'll see how it goes.

We've been involved with Guide Dogs for the Blind since January of this year although we didn't actually get to our first meeting until February. By April we were being asked if we wanted our first puppy on the next puppy truck. I kind of panicked as I was looking forward to the 4-5 months of training. ha! As it turned out we did not get our first puppy until May 14th.


What an experience the puppy truck was!!!!! How fun. Malina is a black lab, female She was born on March 14th. She is absolutely the most wonderful addition to our family we could ever imagine. She is a beautiful, sweet, loving, put a smile on your face puppy! We are truly blessed with Malina as our first Guide Dog pup!


  1. Happy you have started a blog. You will find great support and will look forward to hearing about Malina's adventures!

  2. Welcome to raising and to blogging! My name is Mimi, and my family and I are also first timers, raising Cabana who is now 9 months. The time goes by so quickly! Look forward to hearing more about Malina.